Leti Innovation Days to put a spotlight on eight semiconductor leaders

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Published : 7 June 2022

Leti Innovation Days is a much-anticipated event for electronics-industry stakeholders.
The past year has been unprecedented, whether it was the component shortage or the dizzying pace of progress on a number of technologies.
On June 21 to 23, industry leaders will come together to talk about their company’s tech and strategy choices and, of course, network. Eight top semiconductor-industry executives will be in Grenoble for the event:
Robert Chau (Intel), Ted Letavic (Global Foundries), Sundar Ramamurthy (Applied Materials), and Ravi Subramanian (Siemens) will be coming from the US, while Grenoble’s ecosystem will be represented by Pierre Barnabé (Soitec), Olivier Blum (Schneider Electric), Jean-Marc Chéry (STMicroelectronics), and, finally, Sébastien Dauvé, CEO of CEA-Leti.

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