World’s first 2D ferromagnetic materials at 229 K

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Published : 6 June 2022

Researchers at Irig achieved a world first when they grew Fe5GeTe2 thin films on sapphire using molecular-beam epitaxy.
They were able to obtain a single-crystal two-dimensional material with controlled composition. Here, the simple bilayer boasts ferromagnetic ordering at temperatures up to 229 K, compared to under 100 K for most 2D magnets made using mechanical exfoliation.
France’s national SOLEIL Synchrotron and other advanced characterization resources were used to study the new material’s standout properties.
The researchers are pursuing new advances toward ambient-temperature permanent magnets, with several alloys and dopants currently under evaluation.
Two-dimensional magnets with controlled structures like these could support the development of ultra-compact spintronic devices that can be activated by light or by an electric field.


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