PreCoM project: powerful sensors for predictive maintenance

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Published : 6 June 2022

CEA-Leti developed some truly exceptional wireless vibration and temperature sensors for the EU H2020 PreCoM project on decision support for predictive maintenance.
The sensors were tested on ten-meter-high machine tools used to manufacture wind-turbine hubs.
With power consumption of just 10 µwatts in sleep mode and 10 mW to 15 mW when awake, the sensors are extremely efficient, with a battery life of one year.
They take measurements at high frequencies (10 kHz) and offer a range of 50 meters, even in metal-containing environments.
The matchbox-sized devices can be positioned very close to the milling heads, gears, or bearings, where they can detect early warning signs of excessive wear or damage.
Future improvements could include embedded AI or an energy harvesting system.


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