FD-SOI leaders form next-generation alliance

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Published : 7 June 2022

CEA-Leti, Soitec, STMicroelectronics, and GlobalFoundries have formed an alliance on FD-SOI, a technology born 20 years ago at CEA-Leti.
They will work together to develop a next-generation semiconductor for connected vehicles, IoT, Industry 4.0, and 5G and 6G telecommunications.
STMicroelectronics currently volume-manufactures FD-SOI circuits at the 28 nm node. The goal is to move to the 10 nm node.
The alliance is in part a response to the semiconductor shortage. However, it is also a path toward higher performance.
FD-SOI transistors are 25% faster than bulk silicon transistors and require 40% less power. The next generation of semiconductor will capitalize on these advantages.

Contact: camille.giroud@cea.fr

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