Antennas can be printed on 3D objects with plastronics

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Published : 7 June 2022

The six-year MINT Chair on plastronics recently wrapped up its research. IMEP-LaHC, LG2P, and the S-mart Grenoble Alpes CIM platform will continue to evaluate the potential and performance of the RF antennas developed.
What makes these antennas unique is that they are printed directly onto different-shaped 3D objects using jetting* print heads mounted on six-axis robots. This new process could be a more efficient alternative than bonding RF or RFID tags.
The research funded by the MINT Chair led to the qualification of the conductive inks used, validation of their adherence to the substrates, and verification that the distance between print head and part is sufficient to handle different sized objects.
A PhD dissertation on the printed antennas’ performance is slated for completion this year.

*A printing technique that deposits inks of varying viscosities


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