Medical radiology expands into point-of-care imaging

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Published : 6 June 2022

Radiological diagnostics, which include X-ray and other imaging techniques, can be a challenge if a patient cannot be transported or is located far from a medical imaging facility.
A Thales-led project involving CEA-Leti to develop mobile point-of-care radiology solutions recently obtained French government funding*.
The project consortium is investigating a lightweight, ergonomic X-ray machine and a mobile 3D scanner leveraging miniaturized X-ray sources and digital service platforms.
CEA-Leti is working on two aspects. The first is simulating the imaging chain (source, detector, and 3D image reconstruction algorithms) to dimension the target system.
The second is producing the material that will enable highly compact and portable X-ray sources: silicon substrates that carbon nanotubes will be grown on under vacuum.

*PSPC grant for industry-building projects coordinated by French clusters


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