60 GHz with good spectral quality? Check!

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Published : 5 October 2015

A phase-locked loop (PLL) is the best way to generate the high frequencies—around 60 GHz—required for tomorrow’s 5G telecommunications and Wi-Fi. However, the higher the frequency, the lower the spectral quality—and transmission speeds. PhD candidate Clément Jany (who has since obtained a research position at Leti) set out to overcome this hurdle. And his solution is nothing short of brilliant!

Jany developed a programmable frequency multiplier capable of multiplying the initial frequency by 30—compared to 2 or 4 for the best known systems currently available. The signal generated is based on a reference frequency of 2 GHz offering high spectral quality. A patent application has been filed for the proof-of-concept, which has already been leveraged for two EU research projects in which Leti is involved.

Contact: clement.jany@cea.fr

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