A new step forward toward very-high-density magnetic storage

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Published : 1 June 2019

Grenoble-based researchers from IRIG working at ESRF successfully obtained a single layer of graphene on single-crystal iridium with a periodicity of 2.5 nm using a CVD reactor. Materials research institute Institut Lumière Matière in Lyon had previously obtained iron-platinum nanoparticles, organized them at the atomic scale, and given them magnetic properties. Here, the two teams joined forces, depositing the nanoparticles developed in Lyon onto the substrate developed in Grenoble to create what could one day become an ultra-high-density storage medium. As a comparison, currently the smallest memory points are 72 times larger (15 nm x 30 nm).

The teams are now working together to deposit iron-platinum nanoparticles onto other nanostructured substrates.

Contact: gilles.renaud@cea.fr

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