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June 2019

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Error-correcting codes: Is the quantum computer possible?

Quantum error-correcting codes were developed by mathematicians to check the variability of the state of each qubit. But are the codes...
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Micro-LEDs: Low-cost mass production within reach

In mid-May Leti presented a promising micro-LED fabrication technology at a conference in the United States. The technology would make it...
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Progress toward 3D-printed electronic circuits

Imagine 3D printing antennas and connections between components or sensors directly onto plastic enclosures or other plastic parts. LGP2* and IMEP-LaHC...
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Deep learning a threat to hardware encryption

Deep learning could be used to crack the encryption codes used to safeguard secure products. Leti’s CESTI* studied the threat in...
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A new step forward toward very-high-density magnetic storage

Grenoble-based researchers from IRIG working at ESRF successfully obtained a single layer of graphene on single-crystal iridium with a periodicity of...
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Miniaturized chemical sensor integrated on silicon

Researchers from Leti successfully integrated a high-performance chemical sensor on silicon. The system’s quantum cascade lasers, photoacoustic cell, and photonic circuit...
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Top news

Aledia invests in own R&D facility

Aledia has been housed at MINATEC Entreprises for seven years. Today, the company is investing €20 million in a 4,000 sq. m facility in Echirolles, near Grenoble. The new facility, which will be equipped with Aledia’s own machines, will be dedicated to R&D as Aledia prepares to launch production within the next two years.

Compared to the OLEDs and liquid crystals in today’s displays, Aledia’s silicon nanowire LEDs offer higher brightness and...

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Interview: Marie Caillaux talks about her experience “sharing science” with elementary-school children,

We kept the focus on hands-on learning!

First-year Phelma student Marie Caillaux talks about her experience “sharing science” with elementary-school children


Why would a 20-year-old engineering student want to get involved with a bunch of ten-year-olds?

I liked the idea of having to figure out how to explain things and convey my passion for science. I chose “sustainable cities” as my topic. We worked with my partner (another Phelma student) and high-school juniors involved in the project to focus in...

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MRAM memory gets new recipe

Researchers at Spintec have come up with a new way to improve MRAM memory retention, using tungsten instead of tantalum in...
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OLEDs undergo biocompatibility testing

Researchers from LMGP and Leti tested OLEDs developed by Leti for microdisplays for toxicity to determine whether the OLEDs could be...
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Patents: CEA remains very active

France’s National Industrial Property Institute (INPI) released its 2018 ranking of patent filers. The CEA held on to its fourth-place ranking,...
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LMGP: Daniel Bellet named Scientific Director of Carnot energy institute

On March 1, Daniel Bellet (LMGP, Phelma) succeeded François Weiss as Scientific Director of Institut Carnot Énergies du Futur. He will...
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Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma increasingly international

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school is aiming for 100% international mobility. To achieve this goal, the school is actively...
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Deposition techniques: ALD gains traction

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has become a technique of choice for depositing very thin films. However, the technique does have the...
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IRIG researchers awarded three ERC Advanced grants

Of the 31 ERC Advanced grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) to researchers in France at the end of...
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French Chemistry Society recognizes young researcher from Phelma

Vivien Gatard graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school in 2018. He recently won the French Chemistry Society’s “Master’s...
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The Startup Café is back!

A special Startup Café was held on March 21 to kick off the Challenge First Step competition. The next Startup Café...
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Ginsen summer school to welcome 30 international participants

Grenoble Institute of Technology will host 30 students and teachers from around the globe (the United States, Australia, China, India, Nigeria,...
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ESONN 2019 garners 200 applications for 50 slots

The 2019 edition of ESONN* garnered more than 200 applications from PhD candidates and junior researchers from around the world for...
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Puya Internationale moves headquarters to Grenoble

Puya Internationale, a non-profit dedicated to scientific cooperation, was founded in 2004. The group recently moved its headquarters from Cachan to...
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E-health: Ludocare to deliver 500 companion robots in September

Lyon-based startup Ludocare was co-founded in 2017 by ENSPG (now Phelma) alumnae Élodie Loisel, who is currently the company’s VP R&D....
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Dr. Alim-Louis Benabid to speak at 400th Midi MINATEC brown-bag lunch series

Dr. Alim-Louis Benabid needs no introduction. The neurosurgeon, physicist, and founder of the Clinatec biomedical research center will be the speaker...
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Ideas Days 2019 to delve into technology and resilience

True to form, Ideas Laboratory will cross the boundaries between scientific disciplines and cultures at Ideas Days 2019, to be held...
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