Progress toward 3D-printed electronic circuits

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Published : 1 June 2019

Imagine 3D printing antennas and connections between components or sensors directly onto plastic enclosures or other plastic parts. LGP2* and IMEP-LaHC are working on just that in PhD research being conducted under an industrial excellence chair. The research is focusing on the development of industrial processes, functional (conductive, resistive, nanoparticle-based, etc.) inks, and annealing methods compatible with plastics. The goal is to build functional prototypes.

The use of six-axis printing for 3D objects would eliminate the need for PCB-type circuits and could also be employed to add functions to existing objects or to place functions outside of objects to save space. Schneider Electric, which funds the industrial excellence chair, is keeping a close eye on the research and is providing input into all of the recommendations and tests.


*The Grenoble Institute of Technology Paper-industry Engineering Lab


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