A state-of-the-art vibration-energy harvesting circuit

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Published : 6 April 2020

Leti presented an integrated vibration-energy harvesting circuit at ISSCC in San Francisco in February. The circuit, which is connected to the energy-harvester output, boasts never-before-seen levels of performance. It regulates the impedance at the input to the interface that optimizes the extraction yield (in excess of 95%). The circuit’s architecture boosts conversion yields (also in excess of 95%). The interface delivers 95.9% end-to-end power efficiency*, establishing a new state of the art. It can harvest up to 50 mW.

The technology is protected by two patents and is mature enough to be transferred quickly to a manufacturer.  It is designed for demanding applications (high temperatures, impacts) or for use in difficult-to-access locations (such as to power sensors on train wheels).


*extraction efficiency/conversion efficiency ratio

Contact: anthony.quelen@cea.fr

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