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April 2020

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Until further notice…

The global coronavirus pandemic has arrived in France, and in mid-March the nation went on lockdown until further notice, putting much...
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An original technique for functionalizing microscopes

In research funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), a team at Irig electrochemically functionalized silicon micropores. The very sensitive...
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Invisible piezo transducers clean transparent surfaces

Silicon Valley startup Innovasonic turned to Leti to develop an innovation the company patented. The technology leverages ultrasonic waves generated by...
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AFM uplevels from cantilever to ring probe

Until recently, it was widely considered that the atomic force microscope (AFM) had hit a ceiling in terms of resolution. Researchers...
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Leti 310 nm photonics platform gets a Process Design Kit

Creating photonic circuits that leverage Leti’s 310 nm platform just got easier. Mentor Graphics’ Tanner design flow now includes an integrated...
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A state-of-the-art vibration-energy harvesting circuit

Leti presented an integrated vibration-energy harvesting circuit at ISSCC in San Francisco in February. The circuit, which is connected to the...
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Top news

Quantum many-body problem solved to order 15

The finding is a major one for theoretical physics: Researchers from Irig, Institut Néel, and the Flatiron Institute (US) designed an algorithm that solves the quantum many-body problem to order 15.

The quantum many-body problem describes phenomena at the atomic scale that standard approaches (“mean field approximation”) cannot model. One such example is the fact that cuprates, electrically-conductive materials, become superconducting at temperatures as high as 160 K. The solution, however, is...

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Interview: Youla Morfouli, Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma,

Our students are vitally concerned with the environmental impacts of their future careers

At the end of January, you ran a day-long workshop on sustainable electronics for the 40 students in the Nanotech Master’s program. What were you aiming to achieve?

Increasingly, our students want to know what the environmental impacts of their future careers are. Sometimes, the answer is hard for them to hear. We wanted to support them through this awakening with the help of our partners IRT Nanoelec, Leti, Grenoble Ecole de...

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Vibration energy harvesting: Leti files three patents

Leti researchers recently filed three patents for vibration energy harvesting microsystems. Their new technology counters one of the weaknesses of vibration...
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Energy harvesting: Resonance tuning boosts efficiency

Leti and SYMME* developed a standout piezoelectric energy harvester. The researchers increased bandwidth by an impressive 446% and achieved near-state-of-the-art total...
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CMOS electronics and quantum devices get ready to move in together

Digital and analog electronics could soon be sharing space with a quantum system on a FD-SOI substrate cooled to 110 mK....
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Active interposer supercharges high-performance circuits

Some IC designers prefer to distribute their circuits’ functions across several physical bricks interconnected by a passive interposer. The approach is...
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Neuromorphic memory: LMGP joins forces with MIT

MIT issues a call for projects every year. In January of this year the school launched a 20-month partnership with LMGP....
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Magnetic tunnel junction sets new speed record

Researchers at Irig developed an ultra-fast magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) that could be used to log events captured by stroboscopic photography....
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First steps toward a spin valve with electrical insulators

Researchers at Irig collaborated with an international team to obtain dynamic coupling between two magnetic layers (yttrium iron garnet) separated by...
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A step toward controlled Al/Ge quantum disks?

Researchers at Irig used a transmission electron microscope to observe the behavior of aluminum (Al) heated to temperatures in excess of...
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June 4: A day to make the solo commute a thing of the past

In 2003 80% of CEA employees drove to work. By 2019, that figure had fallen to just 29%. So, alternative mobility...
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BHT1 gets new lounge for work and play

Some 250 people come to work at the BHT1 building (bldg. 52) every day. But the building is sorely lacking meeting...
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Y.Spot, where open innovation takes shape

The Y.Spot building, which opened its doors in late January, is all about open, agile innovation. End users and uses are...
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FD-SOI: Leti’s transistor model recognized as a standard semiconductor device

Leti’s FD-SOI transistor model, used by companies like Samsung and STMicroelectronics, was recently recognized by the Si2 Compact Model Coalition, a...
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Hard-hitting campaign raises student awareness of the dangers of party culture

Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma student government rolled out a hard-hitting campaign at MINATEC and on the university campus during the recent...
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eLichens monitors air quality in San Francisco

Grenoble startup eLichens finished rolling out 30 air quality monitoring stations in San Francisco in March. The stations’ sensors monitor fine...
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Leti’s Emmanuel Sabonnadière to head nonprofit Jessica France

Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO of Leti, a CEA Tech institute, was recently appointed Chairman of nonprofit organization Jessica France. Jessica France has...
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Adentis consulting becomes Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma partner

Phelma signed a three-year partnership agreement with Adentis last December. Adentis is an engineering firm that specializes in embedded systems and...
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ISKN, now AMI, embarks on ambitious new strategy

ISKN changed its name to AMI at the end of last year. And the name is not the only thing that...
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Medytec to showcase the Grenoble-Alpes medtech industry

The Grenoble-Alpes medtech industry will soon have a 150 sq. m promotional and event space all its own at Biopolis, near...
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