June 4: A day to make the solo commute a thing of the past

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Published : 6 April 2020

In 2003 80% of CEA employees drove to work. By 2019, that figure had fallen to just 29%. So, alternative mobility is possible! To keep driving the number of solo commuters down, the CEA is dedicating June 4 to raising employees’ awareness through role-plays and other activities. Participants will learn to troubleshoot their bikes, discover electric bikes and scooters, take a test drive on a simulator, have their vision checked by an optician, and more. People will also be able to report any hazards they have noticed on campus so that they can be secured.

June 4 is also the day of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regional mobility challenge. The goal is to come to work at the CEA by any means other than alone in a car! Arrivals will be tallied up at the campus entrances in the morning. Are you up for the challenge?


Contact: fanny.marzocca@cea.fr


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