Leti’s Emmanuel Sabonnadière to head nonprofit Jessica France

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Published : 6 April 2020

Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO of Leti, a CEA Tech institute, was recently appointed Chairman of nonprofit organization Jessica France. Jessica France has been managing the Cap’Tronic program to support the digital transformation of small and mid-sized businesses since 1991. With a team of 24 technology consultants nationwide, Cap’Tronic helps more than 3,000 companies make the leap to digital technology every year. Cap’Tronic services can take a variety of forms, from seminars and training courses to audits, consulting, help writing specifications, assistance with technology projects, and more.

The program has a strong reputation among small-business owners, who come to Cap’Tronic for help implementing IoT, 5G, cybersecurity, cyberphysical systems, and embedded AI, for example. And, with research covering all of these technologies, Leti is well-positioned to work with Cap’Tronic on joint initiatives.


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