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Published : 6 April 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has arrived in France, and in mid-March the nation went on lockdown until further notice, putting much of the activity on the MINATEC campus on standby.

For the first time in the CEA Grenoble campus’ history, which dates back to 1957, all non-essential activities have been curtailed. Major laboratories IMEP-LAHC and LMGP have implemented the same restrictions in line with the French government’s orders. Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma has closed its doors to all students, faculty, and staff. The BHT1 and BHT2 buildings, home to startups and other innovative companies, have shut down their processes, but are still allowing some tenants access to their office spaces.

Everyone’s priority is now to find new ways to keep working. Our scientists are able to log on to their tools and analyze their results from home. They can also pursue their theoretical research, writing, evaluation, and publishing activities. Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma has rolled out e-learning for all students. Faculty and staff are working from home.

We are also making sure that critical equipment like our cleanroom HVAC, filtration, and pressurization systems continues to operate correctly. Much of this work is being done remotely and, very occasionally, on-site by technicians.

Sending everyone home is MINATEC’s most powerful contribution to fighting the spread of Covid-19 at this stage in the pandemic. Labs and other facilities across the campus have also donated tens of thousands of surgical and FFP 2 masks to Grenoble University Medical Center. Other initiatives are taking shape. Available 3D printing resources that could potentially make ventilator parts are being identified and investigations on how to best sterilize surgical and other protective masks are underway.


Jean-Charles Guibert
Director, MINATEC

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