Leti 310 nm photonics platform gets a Process Design Kit

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Published : 6 April 2020

Creating photonic circuits that leverage Leti’s 310 nm platform just got easier. Mentor Graphics’ Tanner design flow now includes an integrated Process Design Kit (PDK). The PDK provides access to a library of proven components and can also be used to design new ones. It is also fully compatible with another Mentor Graphics tool that automates the routing of optical and electrical lines.

For Leti partners planning to fabricate their future circuits on the 310 nm platform, the PDK is a real time-saver. The main target applications are datacoms, telecoms, LiDAR, HPC, and neuromorphic chips. Leti and Mentor Graphics are working together as part of the IRT Nanoelec alliance.


Contact: eleonore.hardy@cea.fr


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