Y.Spot, where open innovation takes shape

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Published : 6 April 2020

The Y.Spot building, which opened its doors in late January, is all about open, agile innovation. End users and uses are fully integrated into design processes and scientists and professionals from a wide range of disciplines and industries can bring a concept to the prototype stage in just eighteen months. The 300 sq. m building has a showroom, a prototyping lab, a variety of modular spaces, collaborative work tools, and office space for CEA Grenoble innovation support staff.

A dozen test projects were completed with companies like Rossignol and Sade in 2019. The goal for 2020 is to double the number of projects. Starting in 2022, companies that would like to benefit from Y.Spot’s open innovation model will be eligible to move into Y.Spot Partners, 10,000 sq. m building outside the CEA campus not yet built.


Contact: claire-noel.bigay@cea.fr

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