Invisible piezo transducers clean transparent surfaces

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Published : 6 April 2020

Silicon Valley startup Innovasonic turned to Leti to develop an innovation the company patented. The technology leverages ultrasonic waves generated by an array of piezoelectric transducers just 100 µm thick (about the same as a human hair) to clean transparent surfaces. The waves are uncannily effective at removing water droplets and grime. The technology is also very energy efficient.

Innovasonic chose to work with Leti for its expertise in thin-layer piezoelectric materials. The institute has been tasked with developing fabrication processes for the transducers and with optimizing the target characteristics (the wave type, frequency, and amplitude; transducer spacing). Innovasonic addresses LiDAR, automotive cameras, PV solar panels, and other applications that could benefit from the solution’s self-cleaning capabilities.




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