eLichens monitors air quality in San Francisco

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Published : 6 April 2020

Grenoble startup eLichens finished rolling out 30 air quality monitoring stations in San Francisco in March. The stations’ sensors monitor fine particles, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and methane in real time. And, because they are installed 2 meters to 3 meters off the ground, the stations monitor the air that people are actually breathing.

The technology in eLichens’ solution leverages algorithms to determine the optimal position for each monitoring station, and then map and forecast area-by-area results. The solution is much more cost-effective than conventional air quality monitoring networks. The startup, which also has monitoring stations in Grenoble, Paris, and Milan, is pursuing its R&D partnership with Leti. Its new pollen sensor is expected to launch very soon.


Contact: marc.attia@elichens.com

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