Active interposer supercharges high-performance circuits

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Published : 6 April 2020

Some IC designers prefer to distribute their circuits’ functions across several physical bricks interconnected by a passive interposer. The approach is not new, but now the interposer is. Leti recently added logic (such as clock, I/O, voltage conversion, and other functions), making the interposer active. The institute designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested one with advanced 3D interconnects with a pitch of 20 µm. This world-first earned a Leti researcher a Best Paper Award at the last ECTC conference in Las Vegas.

Leti’s solution, which is designed for high-performance computing circuits, increases bandwidth and reduces energy consumption. Leti has filed several patents to protect the innovation. The institute is now working on a photonic interposer as part of an EU IPCEI project.




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