CMOS electronics and quantum devices get ready to move in together

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Published : 6 April 2020

Digital and analog electronics could soon be sharing space with a quantum system on a FD-SOI substrate cooled to 110 mK. Sound strange? Researchers from Leti and Irig recently designed a circuit with these unusual characteristics and presented it at a conference in February. It is only at the proof-of-concept stage. However, it does meet the requirements of tomorrow’s qubit circuits. Specifically, the researchers demonstrated that it is possible to boost the transistors to several GHZ, even at 110 mK, while keeping heat dissipation under the circuit’s dilution cooler temperature of around 300 µW.

They also confirmed the potential of silicon as the basic material for the qubit, with all of the advantages of decades of industrial CMOS experience. The project was part of the Quantum Silicon Grenoble program.



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