Advance in biomaterials marks a step toward personalized medical implants

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Published : 6 December 2021

The EU H2020 PANBioRA project, which will be completed at the end of 2021, is making advances that will one day help doctors optimize the biomaterials used to make medical implants on a patient-by-patient basis. CEA-Leti is part of the seventeen-partner consortium that designed an instrumented microfluidic chip that tests several potential biomaterials on a cell sample from the patient. The chip analyzes pH, hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide/nitrite, and lactate during cell culture to detect indicators of stress or inflammation. The multiparameter electrochemical sensor platform and bioreactor design were contributed by CEA-Leti. The research has resulted in two publications in scientific journals and one patent application has been filed. Spartha Medical, biotech company based in Strasbourg, France, will scale up and manufacture the device, which it plans to commercialize in 2024.

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