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December 2021

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MRAM memories stand up to heavy ion abuse

Although Spintec’s latest generation of MRAMs were not necessarily designed for use in radiation-hardened electronics, recent tests on the...
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Smart window glazing for more energy-efficient buildings

What if window glass could control how much sunlight gets into a building? The three-year M-Eranet Instead project was...
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Peptides could inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication

Irig is one of eleven research teams in five countries that have been working on how to inhibit SARS-CoV-2...
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Microfluidic patch can detect when cows are in heat

CEA-Leti and INRASE are coordinating the SmartRepro project, which also includes PhD research by Juliette Simon, whose dissertation is...
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Advance in biomaterials marks a step toward personalized medical implants

The EU H2020 PANBioRA project, which will be completed at the end of 2021, is making advances that will...
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Banking on SiC for neural interfaces

Silicon carbide, widely used in power electronics, could also be used in neural interfaces.
The new SiCNeural project, funded by...
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Material criticality comes into its own as a research topic

For the past three years, four Grenoble laboratories have been working together, using methods from materials science and economics to find alternatives to the critical materials in white LEDs.
Their work, funded by the UGA Idex grant, marks a departure from conventional technology research.

Scientists’ interest in the scarcity and criticality of certain materials is not new.
What is new is that they are treating them as research topics in and of themselves, and...

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Interview: Sébastien Dauvé, Director, CEA-Leti,

This is an unprecedented time in microelectronics R&D

You were appointed Director of CEA-Leti in July. How have you adjusted to your new role?

S.D.: Quickly!
If you remember, back in July there was a lot of talk about the semiconductor shortage, technological sovereignty, and Intel’s plans to expand its manufacturing base into Europe.
The French government’s Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) and Brussels very rapidly asked us to make recommendations on priority R&D topics and other initiatives to shore up the...

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Shedding new light on acute stress

A CEA-Leti PhD candidate collaborated with scientists from Gipsa-Lab and the UGA psychology and neurocognition laboratory to determine whether...
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Monoclonal antibodies the subject of PhD research at Sanofi and LMGP

A Cifre-financed Phd research project is investigating how monoclonal antibodies and the surfactants that stabilize them interact with the...
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Copper oxide could be a candidate for tomorrow’s solar cells

In theory, copper oxide (Cu2O) offers yields as high as crystalline silicon, plus it is non-toxic and relatively abundant....

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Larger defect-free graphene layers produced

Irig and ESRF recently attracted the attention of the global nanoelectronics community when they produced defect-free single-crystal graphene layers...
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Neutrons supercharge fuel cell research

Researchers at Irig recently co-authored a literature review on the growing use of neutron techniques in research on new...
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Orientation for new GIANT PhD students to take place on February 8

The 2022 GIANT Orientation Day for the 100-strong incoming cohort of PhD students is scheduled for April 12. Participants...
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MINATEC Entreprises broadens support for innovation

MINATEC Entreprises is a long-time partner of Aledia, which is still headquartered at the BHT1 building. To support the...
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CEA-Leti heads to CES® to showcase its latest medical technologies

CEA-Leti, a regular exhibitor at CES® Las Vegas, has decided to put the spotlight on its strong position in...
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CEA-Leti IT security testing lab affirms biometric ID expertise

CEA-Leti’s IT security testing center (CESTI) is one of eleven in France.
In 2000, French IT security authority ANSSI approved...

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LMGP makes progress on liquid phase atomic layer deposition

Professor Josep Puigmartí-Luis* of the University of Barcelona, is currently working with LMGP on liquid phase ALD as part...
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New book looks back on the start of the 21st century at CEA Grenoble

Local Grenoble newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré and CEA Grenoble have published a 200-page commemorative book entitled Se réinventer au...
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Grenoble engineering students cycle across Europe

Three environmentally conscious Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA students took up a unique challenge for their gap year, cycling...
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Diabeloop shifts into high gear in France and around the globe

Diabeloop obtained French national health insurance approval for its DBLG1 closed-loop automated insulin therapy device (DBLG1) in September. Now...
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Everything you ever wanted to know about FDSOI in 380 pages

CNRS Research Director Emeritus Sorin Cristoloveanu of IMEP-LaHC is one of the scientists behind SOI technology and the subsequent...
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SET, from the French Alps to the world

SET (Smart Equipment Technology) is a small high-accuracy semiconductor process equipment company based in Haute-Savoie in the French Alps....
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Clinatec endowment fund hires new neuroillumination researchers

The Clinatec endowment fund has earned the support of several patrons, including the Covea mutual insurance company, since 2020....
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Injectpower, for implantable monitoring devices that last

The problem with implantable medical monitoring devices for organs like the eye, brain, or heart, is that the power...
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The Class of 2019 will finally get its commencement ceremony

The Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA Class of 2019 will finally get its commencement ceremony after a year of...
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