MINATEC Entreprises broadens support for innovation

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Published : 7 December 2021

MINATEC Entreprises is a long-time partner of Aledia, which is still headquartered at the BHT1 building. To support the development of Aledia’s manufacturing activities, MINATEC Entreprises has invested €1 million in the non-trading property company that owns the Champagnier (near Grenoble) plant construction project that started on November 18.
MINATEC Entreprises, a center for expertise in tech startup incubation and operations management, announced its plans to join forces with real estate development and management company IDEC. The future partners plan to sign a memorandum of understanding in January 2022 to develop projects that will meet growing demand in the Grenoble area.
The BHT3 building is also making headlines: The plans for the new building will be officially unveiled in mid-December.
This new building will be just outside the CEA campus near Y.SPOT. It is slated for completion in 2024.

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