Everything you ever wanted to know about FDSOI in 380 pages

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Published : 7 December 2021

CNRS Research Director Emeritus Sorin Cristoloveanu of IMEP-LaHC is one of the scientists behind SOI technology and the subsequent success of FDSOI substrates. His latest book, published by Elsevier, is entitled Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator. Inside you will find a comprehensive discussion of the physical mechanisms associated with FDSOI, the characterization techniques specially developed for very thin films, and the innovative devices that can be developed using these materials. This broad overview is written for a specialist readership. There is nothing like it in the existing literature.
The Grenoble SOI school is proudly documented, as are the many scientists, engineers, and semiconductor companies that have made the city a SOI capital for almost five decades.
If you aren’t sold on this fascinating book yet, perhaps the ten fun FDSOI riddles for readers to solve and send their answers to the author will!

Contact: sorin.cristoloveanu@grenoble-inp.fr
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