Banking on SiC for neural interfaces

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Published : 6 December 2021

Silicon carbide, widely used in power electronics, could also be used in neural interfaces.
The new SiCNeural project, funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and coordinated by IMEP-LaHC, is investigating the question.
The project partners will develop a very thin (less than 10 microns) and flexible all-SiC neural electrode.
SiC is a biocompatible material with three phases—amorphous, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline—that the researchers intend to take full advantage of.
They will also nanostructure the material to increase the exchange surface and brain stimulation capacity.
Their goal is to overcome silicon electrodes’ short lifespans and tendency to cause inflammation.
Scientists from the Institut des Neurosciences in Grenoble will conduct in vivo proof of concept testing.

Learn more about SiC for biotechnology in this book (chapter 9 by IMEP-LaHC and LMGP):
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