LMGP makes progress on liquid phase atomic layer deposition

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Published : 7 December 2021

Professor Josep Puigmartí-Luis* of the University of Barcelona, is currently working with LMGP on liquid phase ALD as part of a Fondation Nanosciences Chair of Excellence. This expert in microfluidics for ALD is collaborating with Grenoble-based ALD researchers to advance an innovative liquid phase atomic layer deposition (LALD) process. With LALD, it is possible to obtain a conformal surface coating with sub-nanometric thickness control.
Plus, LALD does not require the same vacuum conditions as regular ALD, which opens the door to more potential uses. The researchers are currently investigating LALD automation and compatibility with different substrates.

*Watch Professor Puigmartí-Luis’ Oct. 15 Midi MINATEC talk (in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntGNzqkukl4

Contact: david.munoz-rojas@grenoble-inp.fr
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