Smart window glazing for more energy-efficient buildings

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Published : 6 December 2021

What if window glass could control how much sunlight gets into a building? The three-year M-Eranet Instead project was set up to investigate the potential of this type of solution to reduce the need for air conditioning, with potential energy savings estimated at 30%.
The four project partners*, which include coordinator LMGP, will develop new thermochromic and electrochromic materials. One of the challenges they will be tackling is how to optimize the materials’ stability under thermal and electrical stress and humidity.
They will model and develop thin film materials and integrate them on window glazing. LMGP will leverage its expertise in SALD** deposition to develop silver nanowire nanocomposites and oxide coatings.

*LMGP, ICMCB-CNRS (Bordeaux), CESAM (Liège), Nanomaterials and Devices Group (Middle East Technical University, Ankara)
**spatial atomic layer deposition

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