CEA-Leti heads to CES® to showcase its latest medical technologies

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Published : 7 December 2021

CEA-Leti, a regular exhibitor at CES® Las Vegas, has decided to put the spotlight on its strong position in healthcare in 2022. The institute will exhibit a demonstrator of the FollowKnee smart communicating implant built on a multi-sensor (pH, temperature, deformation, and accelerometer) sensor system developed in CEA-Leti labs. The solution lowers the risk of post-op infection and loosening of the implant.
Another two startups founded by CEA-Leti scientists will also be part of the exhibit. Direct Analysis, founded in early 2021, offers a solution that can test for bacteria in food manufacturing plants in just a quarter of the time a conventional test takes. Injectpower, founded in 2020, is commercializing a power source for implants used to monitor eye, brain, and heart conditions.
Also worth noting: CEA-Leti was selected for the January 4 press conference attended by 7,000 international journalists.

Contact: camille.giroud@cea.fr
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