Bamboo mugs and organic produce: Grenoble Institute of Technology goes green

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Published : 4 February 2020

Grenoble Institute of Technology students have created a number of successful sustainable initiatives this year.

One example is Le Chalet, a nonprofit group that manages the Phelma Student Union. The group recently stopped using plastic cups and introduced reusable bamboo mugs. The mugs, which are emblazoned with the school logo, are given out at the beginning of the academic year. And students are using them—with the added bonus of a discount on their coffee.

Another successful initiative has been the organic produce deliveries organized by student government. Every other week, students, faculty, and staff can purchase 4 kg of local organic produce for just €10. All produce comes from La Buisse (20 km from Grenoble) except for the clementines, purchased from a wholesaler this winter. A total of 95 baskets were sold in January, up from 60 in September.



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