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February 2020

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Germanium makes a foray into spin orbitronics

Can a unidirectional magnetoresistance effect* be obtained with a semiconductor material like germanium? Researchers at Spintec found the answer, and, according...
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Plastic brings surprising benefits to high-speed communications

What if an ordinary plastic tube could perform better than copper or fiber optic cable for high-speed communications? Leti has started...
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Astrophysics: IRIG technologies used to cool DESI sensors

IRIG’s pulse tube cryocoolers were developed in the early 2000s and transferred to Thales in 2005. But the tiny devices are...
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Skyrmions ten times faster than Usain Bolt

A team of researchers from Spintec, Institut Néel, and CNRS obtained the high-speed motion of skyrmions in a three-layered platinum/cobalt/magnesium oxide...
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Heliaus project will help bring infrared to autonomous vehicles

Tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles could use infrared (IR) imagers to scan the road and surrounding environment. The EU Heliaus project, coordinated by...
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Germanium laser operates at record low temperature of 273 K

Researchers from IRIG and Leti joined forces with a team from Switzerland* to obtain lasing at temperatures as low as 273...
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The Di@pason project: Avalun scales up

Avalun is coordinating the Di@pason project, which will test a connected patient care pathway on a cohort of 10,000 patients on blood thinners in six regions across France. Caregivers will test Avalun’s LabPad INR portable lab, which utilizes consumables manufactured at the BHT building. The connected patient care pathway could ultimately be expanded to all of France.

Avalun has already run field tests in Isère (200 patients) and in France’s Meuse district...

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Interview: Julien Mottin, Application Director, Prophesee,

There is no other place in France like Grenoble for microelectronics, embedded systems, and imaging

Prophesee recently set up a ten-person team at the BHT. The company also just raised €25 million in capital. What’s your technology?

We are developing an “event-based” vision sensor that can detect any change within a scene with microsecond resolution. The goal is not to produce images, but to perform functions like counting on fast conveyor belts, measuring speed, analyzing the vibration of a motor, or supporting tomorrow’s autonomous driving systems. These...

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Thyroid surgery: FLUOPTICS© reduces the risk of complications

FLUOPTICS©, located in the High-tech Building (BHT), is getting encouraging feedback on its FLUOBEAM®LX imaging system for thyroid surgery. The system...
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Silicon wafers: Don’t grind, recycle!

Leti’s 200 mm and 300 mm research wafers, which until recently have been ground up and disposed of after use, are...
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Fundraising: Diabeloop gets a €31 million boost

Startup Diabeloop, which just moved into the BHT2 building, completed an impressive €31 million fundraising round at the end of November....
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NuVISION, a high-potential gamma camera

Nuvia, a Vinci company, has developed a new breed of gamma camera in partnership with Leti. The NuVISION camera is making...
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Former LMGP PhD candidate back as guest lecturer

Viet Nguyen is back at LMGP, a place he knows well, because he did his PhD and post-doc research there with...
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Leti microcoolers earn kudos from CERN

Leti is one of four winners of CERN’s 2019 Industry Awards. The award that went to Leti recognized the exceptional quality...
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Wormsensing makes any surface a touch surface

Wormsensing, a startup founded by two Leti engineers at the start of 2020, is developing a technology that can turn any...
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LMGP hires two new researchers

LMGP recently welcomed two scientists. David Rousseau, a lecturer at Grenoble-Alpes University, came on board in September. He specializes in molecular...
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Leti to send major delegation to Photonics West 2020

Leti will be at Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco through February 6. The world’s largest photonics-industry event is expected to...
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Biomedical research: Eveon and LMGP set up joint lab

Eveon and LMGP have been working together for several years through the Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma Biomedical Engineering program. Today, the...
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Next Minalogic Business Meetings on June 2 in Lyon

The next session of Minalogic’s international business convention for digital technology (micro and nanoelectronics, photonics, software, content, and user-centered design) will...
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Unique pulsed laser deposition machine coming to BHT

Leti will be installing a Solmates pulsed laser deposition machine in the BHT between now and April. The prototype–the only one...
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HCERES evaluations, a real nail-biter

The majority of MINATEC’s labs were recently evaluated by HCERES* for the 20142018 period. A 23-person evaluation committee came to Leti...
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EU DigiFed project and IRT Nanoelec are bringing digital technology to SMBs

DigiFed, an EU project coordinated by IRT Nanoelec and Leti, officially kicked off on January 28 at Maison MINATEC. With a...
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IMEP-LAHC acquires new noise characterization equipment for advanced components

IMEP-LAHC recently purchased a 300 mm manual prober station with a high-quality Faraday cage. The equipment will be used to characterize...
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Congresses: 2019 a big year for Maison MINATEC

The stage at the Maison MINATEC auditorium ended the year 2019 in style, with new decorative lighting, sofas, and coffee tables–not...
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ESRF EBS synchrotron to reopen in six months

The world’s leading fourth-generation high-energy synchrotron is getting ready to reopen. The overhaul of the EBS (Extremely Brilliant Source) synchrotron at...
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A cohort of 150 young researchers from GIANT to attend JSIAM 2020

On March 13 Maison MINATEC will host the 12th Junior Scientist and Industry Annual Meeting (JSIAM). The event is expected to...
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Bamboo mugs and organic produce: Grenoble Institute of Technology goes green

Grenoble Institute of Technology students have created a number of successful sustainable initiatives this year. One example is Le Chalet, a nonprofit...
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Who is ready to develop a scientific video game…in 48 hours?

The challenge: Develop a scientific video game in under 24 hours. Impossible? We’ll soon find out at the Scientific Game Jam...
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The Biennale Arts Sciences will take a critical look at AI and climate change

The 10th Biennale Arts Sciences-Expérimenta will offer up twelve performances across the Greater Grenoble area from February 11 to 21, plus...
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