Heliaus project will help bring infrared to autonomous vehicles

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Published : 3 February 2020

Tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles could use infrared (IR) imagers to scan the road and surrounding environment. The EU Heliaus project, coordinated by LYNRED*, is investigating the potential of this technology. The project’s eleven partners, which include Leti, will receive EU funding of more than €8 million over three years.

Ultrasound, radar, LiDAR, and visible-light cameras are among the technologies in the running for environmental perception in autonomous vehicles. IR will have to prove its worth to pull ahead of the pack. Leti has been developing bolometer-based IR sensors for three decades and plans to leverage its know-how to respond to the particularly stringent cost, performance, and size requirements of the automobile industry. At the same time, the project will address a shorter-term market: driver vigilance detection.


Contact: nicolas.liosoonshun@cea.fr

*Founded in 2019 from the merger of Sofradir and ULIS.

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