Former LMGP PhD candidate back as guest lecturer

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Published : 3 February 2020

Viet Nguyen is back at LMGP, a place he knows well, because he did his PhD and post-doc research there with David Munoz-Rojas. This time, however, Nguyen is a teacher, not a student.

The young scientist (he is still in his 20s) is already a university professor in Hanoi. Although he is based in Vietnam, he has been working with LMGP and INES to develop transparent electrodes made using deposition techniques at atmospheric pressure for photovoltaic applications. His six-week stay at LMGP will provide him with an opportunity to conduct new experiments using AP-SALD* with the goal of improving the fabrication and performance of tomorrow’s PV cells.
Last fall, Nguyen’s former colleagues were thrilled to see him win the Société chimique de France 2019 Best Dissertation Award.


*Atmospheric Pressure-Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition


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