Wormsensing makes any surface a touch surface

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Published : 5 February 2020

Wormsensing, a startup founded by two Leti engineers at the start of 2020, is developing a technology that can turn any product into a touch interface without altering the product’s design or ergonomics. The technology, based on a piezoelectric sensor placed on the back side of the object and a processing algorithm, can detect taps/clicks, press-and-release movements, swipes, vibrations, impacts, and other touch interactions. The sensor is compatible with high-temperature manufacturing processes and is delivered in the form of an adhesive patch about as thick as a human hair.

Wormsensing, located at MINATEC, is developing technologies in four Liten patents and will be signing a R&D contract with Liten. The generic nature of the technology will be of interest to numerous markets. One example is the automotive market, always on the lookout for intuitive, invisible touch interfaces.


Contact: jean-sebastien.moulet@cea.fr


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