Skyrmions ten times faster than Usain Bolt

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Published : 3 February 2020

A team of researchers from Spintec, Institut Néel, and CNRS obtained the high-speed motion of skyrmions in a three-layered platinum/cobalt/magnesium oxide material, setting a record of 100 meters per second. Even more impressive: the record was achieved at low current densities and at ambient temperature! The key? Layers just a few nanometers thick, synonymous with very low energy consumption. With this latest feat, the nanometric quasiparticles known as skyrmions are well on their way to the finish line in tomorrow’s memory and computing systems.

The skyrmions’ behavior was modelled, and the observations aligned well with the theory. Spintec is leading a new project with six French and German research teams…this time to set a record of 1 km per second!



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