HCERES evaluations, a real nail-biter

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Published : 5 February 2020

The majority of MINATEC’s labs were recently evaluated by HCERES* for the 20142018 period. A 23-person evaluation committee came to Leti on November 47. IMEP-LAHC and FMNT were audited on November 27 and 28; LMGP was audited on December 16 and 17. A lab at IRIG was evaluated in December, with seven others to follow in January. Spintec will be audited on February 4 and 5; Pheliqs is scheduled for March 26 and 27.

The evaluation process demands substantial preparation on the part of laboratory staff. One of the tasks they must complete is a written self-evaluation based on four main criteria: research activities and results, organization of the research unit and work, future prospects, and a five-year strategy. The anxiously-awaited results of the audit will be published on the HCERES website in 2020 (date to be announced).


*France’s higher education and research evaluation committee

Contact: LETISCIENCE@cea.fr

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