EU DigiFed project and IRT Nanoelec are bringing digital technology to SMBs

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Published : 5 February 2020

DigiFed, an EU project coordinated by IRT Nanoelec and Leti, officially kicked off on January 28 at Maison MINATEC. With a budget of €7.9 million, including €3.8 million in cascade funding for SMBs, the project will speed up European SMBs’ adoption of digital technology. The first DigiFed call for projects will start in April.

Financing will mainly go to technology demonstrator projects. At the same time, two innovative financial support mechanisms for SMBs will be evaluated: The first is an affiliate program that would allow a group of SMBs to work together to mature a given technology brick. The second is a digital challenge that large corporations or mid-caps would run for European SMBs to help consolidate the value chain. IRT Nanoelec is contributing its knowledge of embedded systems security to the project.



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