ESRF EBS synchrotron to reopen in six months

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Published : 5 February 2020

The world’s leading fourth-generation high-energy synchrotron is getting ready to reopen. The overhaul of the EBS (Extremely Brilliant Source) synchrotron at ESRF is going smoothly and, most importantly, on schedule. The new storage ring has been installed in the ESRF building. The original ring, which was commissioned in 1994, was dismantled and the more than 2,000 tons of components removed from the site. The new X-ray beamlines use 25% less electricity than the old ones and, due to their greater coherence and brilliance, offer 100 times better performance.

The first electrons were injected on December 2 and adjustments are now being made to optimize operation. The research program will restart on March 2, and the facility is expected to reopen to outside users on August 25. Applications are already being reviewed!



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