Interview: Julien Mottin, Application Director, Prophesee

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Published : 4 February 2020

There is no other place in France like Grenoble for microelectronics, embedded systems, and imaging

Prophesee recently set up a ten-person team at the BHT. The company also just raised €25 million in capital. What’s your technology?

We are developing an “event-based” vision sensor that can detect any change within a scene with microsecond resolution. The goal is not to produce images, but to perform functions like counting on fast conveyor belts, measuring speed, analyzing the vibration of a motor, or supporting tomorrow’s autonomous driving systems. These markets are all attracting some big names. We are preparing our next generation of sensors with a major global electronics manufacturer.


What role is the team in Grenoble playing in your organization?

Prophesee is based in Paris. We have 85 people there, mostly in R&D. Our team in Grenoble is working on integrating our system into our customers’ technologies. They are looking at things like where to put it, and what optical and mechanical systems to use. They are also investigating software and figuring out how much processing power is needed. The integration team in Grenoble will definitely be growing. Our last round of fundraising will be used mainly for sales.


Why Grenoble?

There is no other place in France like Grenoble  for microelectronics, embedded systems, and imaging. These technologies are vital to our business, and we want to work with local talent. We have already signed a contract with IRT Nanoelec to work with STMicroelectronics and Leti on 3D integration. And there are other contracts on the drawing board.



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