Leti microcoolers earn kudos from CERN

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Published : 5 February 2020

Leti is one of four winners of CERN’s 2019 Industry Awards. The award that went to Leti recognized the exceptional quality of the 52 microcoolers supplied by the institute in 2018 and 2019 as well as the partners’ exemplary cooperation.

The microcoolers are currently being installed on one of the four experiments being run on CERN’s LHC*. They will cool detectors placed under vacuum and continuously bombarded with high-energy particles to –20 °C. They use high-pressure CO2 and, to prevent the risk of contaminating the detectors’ electronics, must be able to withstand 180 bars without leaking. Leti rose to the challenge by adapting bonding processes commonly used on chips (2 sq. cm max.) to obtain the reliable bonding of surfaces 50 times larger.


*The Large Hadron Collider, which measures 28 km around


Contact: eric.rouchouze@cea.fr



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