Germanium makes a foray into spin orbitronics

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Published : 5 February 2020

Can a unidirectional magnetoresistance effect* be obtained with a semiconductor material like germanium? Researchers at Spintec found the answer, and, according to an article they recently published, it is yes! The effect had already been observed with two rarely-used non-magnetic materials. With germanium, however, the effect is 100 times more intense.

The researchers demonstrated that the effect originates in the electron gas at the surface of the material. The electrons’ spin aligns perpendicular to their trajectory. A satisfactory model of the phenomenon was created in partnership with the CNRS-Thales joint research unit in physics in Palaiseau, near Paris. The research will give new impetus to the development of a spin transistor. By varying the voltage of the grid, the effect could make it possible to modify or conserve the states of the spins injected from the source.


*resistance caused by a current



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