LMGP hires two new researchers

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Published : 5 February 2020

LMGP recently welcomed two scientists. David Rousseau, a lecturer at Grenoble-Alpes University, came on board in September. He specializes in molecular and cellular biology. Rousseau is part of a lab that studies interactions between biological and other materials. His work will include investigating the stability of therapeutic proteins and synthesizing the proteins with adhesive properties that are secreted by silkworms, spiders, mollusks, and other living organisms.

Laurent Jouffret, a CNRS research scientist, came to the LMGP Nanomat lab from the Clermont-Ferrand Institute for Chemistry in January. He is working on MAX phase materials (layered materials with remarkable thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties). Jouffret is an expert in the chemistry of fluorine, which could potentially be used to separate MAX phase materials into 2D layers.


Contact: franz.bruckert@grenoble-inp.fr


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