Unique pulsed laser deposition machine coming to BHT

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Published : 5 February 2020

Leti will be installing a Solmates pulsed laser deposition machine in the BHT between now and April. The prototype–the only one of its kind worldwide–is compatible with 300 mm processes. Leti and Solmates are engaged in a two-year joint development program to evaluate the machine’s capacity to volume-produce thin-layer materials for 5G telecommunications.

This growing market requires piezoelectric materials with complex chemical compositions and very high crystalline quality. The layers can be of various thicknesses (from a few nanometers to a micron) and must be perfectly uniform. Basic research has shown that pulsed laser deposition can do all of these things. Now it is time to take the technique out of the research lab and test its industrial potential. Leti’s industrial partners will be keeping a close eye on the project!


Contact: bernard.andre@cea.fr

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