NuVISION, a high-potential gamma camera

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Published : 3 February 2020

Nuvia, a Vinci company, has developed a new breed of gamma camera in partnership with Leti. The NuVISION camera is making headlines for its capacity to detect, locate, identify, and measure the intensity of radioactivity. The camera met the specifications of the 2024 Paris Olympics security committee and was also named one of the most innovative technologies at the recent Milipol trade show.

NuVISION was hatched in a Nuvia-Leti joint lab that was created in 2016 and recently renewed through 2022. The CdZnTe spectrometric gamma camera was originally intended for the nuclear industry. However, it is garnering interest for homeland security applications. The camera can effectively assess how dangerous a radioactive material is and follow material that is on the move, even in a crowd.



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