The Di@pason project: Avalun scales up

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Published : 5 February 2020

Avalun is coordinating the Di@pason project, which will test a connected patient care pathway on a cohort of 10,000 patients on blood thinners in six regions across France. Caregivers will test Avalun’s LabPad INR portable lab, which utilizes consumables manufactured at the BHT building. The connected patient care pathway could ultimately be expanded to all of France.

Avalun has already run field tests in Isère (200 patients) and in France’s Meuse district (80 patients). The results were encouraging enough for the nation’s healthcare authorities to approve the Di@pason project. For Avalun, this new project is a chance to scale up. The company’s LabPad will be used to administer blood coagulation tests to 10,000 patients (at a frequency of one or two tests per month each).


From sample to result in ten to fifteen minutes

The patients in the test cohort have heart conditions that require blood thinners, which means that they have a greater risk of suffering a hemorrhage. Nurses will use the LabPad to take a blood sample (a finger prick) and do the test. A medical biology lab participating in the project will confirm the results.

If a patient’s results are cause for concern, the nurse can prescribe emergency care as recommended by the patient’s primary care physician. The entire test takes just ten to fifteen minutes, compared to twelve hours for a conventional lab test.

Avalun has started manufacturing the individual test supplies required for the project on its robotized pilot line at the BHT building.  In mid-2021 the connected patient care pathway could be expanded to all of the 700,000 patients on blood thinners in France. The startup has other irons in the fire as well, including booming export sales to Germany, the Czech Republic, and other countries.



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