Germanium laser operates at record low temperature of 273 K

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Published : 3 February 2020

Researchers from IRIG and Leti joined forces with a team from Switzerland* to obtain lasing at temperatures as low as 273 K (0° C) using a slightly deformed germanium/tin (GeSn) alloy resonator. Emission in the infrared spectrum is generated by optical pumping. This achievement marks a new advance toward germanium lasers integrated on silicon. The seminal article on Ge/Sn lasers, which dates back to 2015, reported lasing at 90 K.

Leti handled the epitaxial growth of crystalline GeSn on silicon wafers. IRIG made the resonators and completed the optical characterization. To get even closer to ambient temperature, the researchers are now shifting their focus to two parameters: the proportion of tin in the alloy (currently at 16%) and the intensity of the deformation applied to the material.


*Paul Scherrer Institute


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