Bioactive surfaces and bone regeneration: LMGP’s winning track record

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Published : 4 June 2018

LMGP has been working on bioactive surfaces for bone regeneration for a decade. Today, the lab is internationally-recognized as a leader on the subject. It all started when biophysicist Catherine Picart came to LMGP in 2008. The story continued with four European Research Council grants, dozens of publications, three patents, and—more recently—planned startup Regenerbone.

In the early years, LMGP focused on basic research. In 2011 the lab shifted its focus to bone regenerative medicine, studying stable and robust polyelectrolyte films that can be stored in dry form. All of the technological hurdles to using the films have been overcome, and the rage of potential uses is expanding beyond bone regeneration to include combining the films with 3D materials to deliver drugs and developing new cancer treatments.


Read (or re-read) the 2008 article (in French):

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