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June 2018

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Progress toward less toxic, more affordable hydrogen photosynthesis

Researchers at INAC and Grenoble-Alpes University recently demonstrated that it is possible to efficiently produce hydrogen using artificial photosynthesis in solution...
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Inverse opals boost solar cell yields

INAC recently obtained excellent results on new dye-based solar cells, boosting yields by more than 10% and achieving current densities of...
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Special 50th issue of Mina-News

The June 2018 issue of Mina-News marks an anniversary of sorts: It is the 50th issue of the MINATEC campus newsletter....
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2D materials: Moiré engineering and dislocation theory converge

Researchers at INAC working with colleagues from the University of Illinois recently made new links between the moiré patterns in 2D...
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MRAM: Microelectronics industry adopts spintronics

The world’s leading foundries—including Samsung, TSMC, and GlobalFoundries—announced early this year that they would be starting volume manufacturing of MRAM memory,...
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Silicon photonics aiming for terabit-per-second speeds

Back in 2009 Mina-News predicted that photons would be used to build logic gates. While that particular application for photonics has...
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Top news

Nano@school sets new record in 2018

Nano@school, a CIME Nanotech program for high school juniors enrolled in the science track, has been held at MINATEC since 2010. This year nearly 800 students from 25 high schools (including three international high schools) enrolled, setting a record for Nano@school!

Back in 2010, Nano@school was an experimental program offered to just two Grenoble-area high school classes. Two years later, 450 students from fifteen high schools enrolled. Since then, Nano@school has...

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Interview: Thierry Derez, CEO, Covéa "The Clinatec model is unique among biomedical research centers",

The Clinatec model is unique among biomedical research centers

Your company recently began a three-year, €1 million partnership with Clinatec. Why?

Our brands have been committed to the disability cause for years. Specifically, we support the prevention and treatment of joint and bone disease, the second-leading cause of disability in France. We hope that our partnership with Clinatec will position us to more effectively respond to neurodegenerative diseases and the disabilities these diseases cause. We would like to be able to...

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Compressed signal acquisition: Measure smart, use less energy!

The compressed acquisition of a radiofrequency (RF) signal consists of capturing the majority of information in the RF bands with an...
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Bioactive surfaces and bone regeneration: LMGP’s winning track record

LMGP has been working on bioactive surfaces for bone regeneration for a decade. Today, the lab is internationally-recognized as a leader...
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Connected knee implant contains miniature sensors made in Grenoble

Leti is contributing to the €24 million FollowKnee connected knee implant project that kicked off in early 2018. Leti will develop...
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Arianespace CEO to speak at Leti Innovation Days

Leti Innovation Days, which will take place on July 4 and 5 at MINATEC, will welcome an international audience of 700...
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Construction: Nearly 45,000 sq. m built in ten years

One of the pillars of the MINATEC project is property development. In ten years, nearly 45,000 sq. m of new facilities...
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Three engineering students aiming for the top of the charts

Benjamin, Bryan, and Thomas—all second-year students at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school—started their electro-pop-rock band Parallax eighteen months ago....
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Phelma celebrates tenth anniversary

In 2008 Mina-News reported on the creation of the then-brand-new Phelma engineering school that resulted from the merger of ENSEEG, ENSERG, and...
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Ground breaks on new OIC building

Construction on the future Open Innovation Center (as it has been temporarily named) began on Nelson Mandela Square in May. The...
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Chrome5 conference room goes casual

Until recently there was nothing unusual about the Chrome5 conference room on the first floor of Maison MINATEC. But all of...
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Mass fabrication of FD-SOI circuits to begin

Leti has been developing FD-SOI, a material that substantially reduces circuit energy consumption, for years. In 2014 the institute signed a...
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Twist straintronics could give graphene new properties

In graphene monolayers electrons behave as if they do not have any mass, giving the material its exceptional electronic properties. In...
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Cycling: Detecting hidden electric motors

In research conducted under a contract between the CEA and UCI (the world’s governing body for professional cycling), Leti is developing...
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A lifetime guarantee for superhydrophobic coatings?

LMGP is investigating whether it is possible to design superhydrophobic coatings that repel water for their entire lifetime. The research is...
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Avalanche photodiodes: Mynaric signs R&D contract with Leti

Germany’s Mynaric, which specializes in dynamic airborne and space communication networks, recently signed an exclusive R&D contract with Leti. The R&D...
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Go Concept joins the Phelma Partners’ Circle

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school welcomed Go Concept into its Partners’ Circle with a three-year agreement signed on April...
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LAMA removed from list of nuclear sites

The CEA-ILL’s Local Information Commission newsletter recently published an announcement that LAMA (the active materials testing lab) had been removed from...
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7th French-American Workshop coming soon

Maison MINATEC will welcome the 7th French-American Workshop on June 21–22, 2018. The event, which is run by GIANT, aims to...
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PTA (Upstream Technology Platform) turns ten on July 2

The PTA (Upstream Technology Platform) will turn ten on July 2, 2018. To celebrate, the platform will host an event for...
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Four engineering students off to Nepal

Aubin, François, Jérémy, and Thibaud—engineering students at Grenoble and Bordeaux Institutes of Technology’s Phelma, Ense3, and ENSEIRB-Matmeca schools—have just booked their...
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Ideas Days 2018: Innovating for the Climate

Ideas Laboratory will host its third Ideas Days on July 3 and 4. This year’s event will be devoted to technology...
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Recent Phelma grad founds agroecology startup

Paola Ceccato, who graduated from Phelma in 2015, won an award from the Fondation Norbert Ségard for her startup, Oikos Sphère,...
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Two Phelma students invited to IEEE conference

Two second-year Phelma students have been invited to present at an IEEE conference alongside international PhD candidates and research scientists. The...
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Startup MagIA tackles hepatitis B

MagIA, founded in August 2017 to bring research conducted at G2Elab and LMGP to the market, has just been ranked by...
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Leti’s M&NEMS one major step closer to the market

MEMS are expensive to develop: Each new component requires its own fabrication processes. Leti has been working to develop generic manufacturing...
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