Connected knee implant contains miniature sensors made in Grenoble

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Published : 4 June 2018

Leti is contributing to the €24 million FollowKnee connected knee implant project that kicked off in early 2018. Leti will develop sensors measuring 1 cu. mm to detect anomalies like infection, mechanical fatigue, and abnormal joint movements. The researchers will be working to overcome technical challenges like miniaturization, biocompatibility, the integration of a remote power supply, and RF communication in close proximity to the implant’s metal components.

In 2016, some 80,000 people had knee-replacement surgery in France. And the process can be tricky, sometimes requiring up to six operations. Another FollowKnee partner will develop an augmented-reality surgical-assistance system to aid surgeons. Once the implants are in, Leti’s sensors will keep a constant eye on them!


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