Construction: Nearly 45,000 sq. m built in ten years

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Published : 4 June 2018

One of the pillars of the MINATEC project is property development. In ten years, nearly 45,000 sq. m of new facilities have been built! First there was B2I (3,200 sq. m)—Mina-News reported on the upcoming delivery of the building in June 2010. B2I was expanded by another 800 sq. m in 2015. Clinatec (6,200 sq. m) was completed in 2012.

The year 2015 saw the completion of three new buildings: BCC (10,000 sq. m), which houses Leti’s management offices; Phelma 2 (7,000 sq. m), and the 500-seat Grenoble Institute of Technology Auditorium (1,400 sq. m).

In 2016 CCL (3,000 sq. m), an extension of Maison MINATEC, opened its doors. In 2017 the Photonics Platform (12,800 sq. m) was completed. Another two projects kicked off in 2018: the OIC (read article below) in May and BHT2 on June 1.


Read (or re-read) the 2010 article (in French):

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